Nov 7, 2018

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What you should know about motorcycle accidents

I’ve been ridden a bike for more than twenty years now. There’s nothing I love more than the open road. I’ve been on several cross-country trips, and when you’re on the road that much the thought of getting into a car wreck pops into your head from time to time. I know full well how dangerous a motorcycle can be. That’s why I always drive respectfully and never at excessive speed. I figured that if I ever got into a wreck, the damages on my body would be pretty serious. Almost all motorcycle accidents end up with the motorcyclist injured in some way. Because of that, I figured that a motorcycle accident claim would be somewhat simple in court. If my injuries are plain to see, of course, a jury would rule that I deserve compensation for them. I recently received some great insight from the Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC about my situation as a motorcyclist.

For every safe biker, there’s a biker that drives like he’s the center of the universe. We’ve all seen it. Someone who’s swerving through traffic, speeding, being really inconsiderate of the other cars on the road. These riders, in general, give us all a bad reputation. In the court of law, some of jury members may assume that any injuries I sustained were because of my own negligence. I understand that well enough. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer if you find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident.

When you hire a lawyer, they have the knowledge to explain all the technical stuff about driving a motorcycle. I know all the stuff that they do, it’s just hard for me to explain it to a jury. The attorneys can explain to everyone what it means to drive safely and considerately on a motorcycle. They can also clearly illustrate to everyone how the other driver failed to be responsible and is the one at fault for the wreck.

This is super important for motorcyclists to be aware that they have legal options if they’re hurt in a crash. It’s especially important because motorcycle crashes often cause more expensive and intense injuries than wrecks between two cars. If a motorcyclist collides with another moving car, the motorcyclist is basically guaranteed to be sent flying off the motorcycle. There’s just no way to avoid it. If they’re lucky, they’ll be pushed to the ground where they will likely incur some nasty road burns. If the worst situations, they can be sent flying high into the air. This basically guarantees a life-altering injury. Sometimes motorcyclists can be crushed under their own motorcycle. This can result in amputations and prosthetics. If you find yourself in a situation like this, the medical expenses aren’t going to be cheap. They’ll likely cost about as much as house. This is why hiring a lawyer in this situation is so crucial.

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