May 25, 2019

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The Other Types of Injuries

It seems like commercials about medical miracles and accident injuries are obsessed with big, flashy or even gruesome injuries. Sure, a person can receive injuries like head trauma, concussions, or even dismemberment as a result of an accident. But a person can also receive something much simpler: abdominal injuries. That is right: one of the types of injuries least discussed by TV shows and the media is abdominal injuries. There can be serious internal bleeding or other organ damage issues after a car crash or another type of accident.

The worst part about abdominal injuries, though, is just how hard they can be to detect. Perhaps that is why the media does not mention abdominal injuries in procedural TV shows like Law and Order or CSI; they are often invisible to the average eye! It is easier to see the severity of a laceration or bruise. I think we are doing a disservice to people suffering from abdominal injuries. That is why in this article I describe some of the intense abdominal injuries that people can experience as a result of a car accident, especially. I also discuss how to make sure you document your injuries correctly so you can prove your abdominal injuries are as bad as I know them to be.

How are abdominal injuries caused?

This question is, of course, dependent upon your personal situation. According to the Jurewitz Law Group, blunt force to your stomach and torso are common progenitors to abdominal issues. This can be from a fight (avoid violence, for your health!) or a car wreck. Vehicle accidents commonly cause abdominal issues because the momentum of the car places a great amount of force on your internal organs when it comes to a sudden stop (like in a collision) and the steering wheel or other parts of a car hits your stomach.

Airbags are also associated with abdominal injuries. If they are quickly deployed (as working airbags are supposed to do) then they could collide with your stomach in such a way that abdominal injuries are caused. And ss I said, a misplaced punch can also be detrimental to the health of your internal organs!

What are abdominal injuries?

“Abdominal injuries” is a broad term but mostly applies to problems related to your abdominal wall, your blood vessels, and different types of organs (solid organs like your kidneys and hollow organs like your bladder). As a result, the things that can happen to abdominal organs will differ based on the part of the abdomen is implicated in the injury process.

Broadly speaking, though, abdominal injuries are either classified as “bruising” or “penetrating” incidents. These are self-evident labels. But internal bleeding can take place from both penetrating and bruising! Airbags are more likely to cause bruising, but any type of sudden and strong force can also lead to penetration, in which an organ or your abdominal wall can be punctured and ruptured. The pain of this has been described as pretty terrible, so I hope this is not a burden you will ever have to bear!

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