Jul 22, 2019

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Reasons to Visit a Marriage Counselor

It’s 2019 and the stigma surrounding visiting therapy has largely disappeared. Many people have been encouraged to visit therapists to work out their mental health issues or simply get an issue off their chest. With this trend, more and more couples have been reaching out to marriage counselors, like Kathleen Snyder MFT, to solve their relationship problems.

I was curious as to why couples might reach out to a marriage counselor and went down an internet rabbit hole researching the various issues prompting couples to reach out to a counselor. Check out what I found below.

Recovering from an Affair

An affair is a huge deal in any relationship, but a marriage even more so. An affair goes against the vows a couple made on their wedding day. For couples who decide to stay together after an affair, the road to recovery is often a difficult one. A marriage counselor can help the couple build their trust back in one another and can solve the issues that lead up to the affair in the first place so one does not happen again in the future.

Constant Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but fighting constantly is not normal. Frequent conflict can create huge rifts between couples, affecting their ability to communicate and enjoy one another’s company. A session with a marriage counselor can help you pinpoint exactly why you and your significant other are experiencing conflict so frequently and help you devise a solution to keep that conflict from repeating itself.


Children can add a ton of joy to any relationship, but they can bring a lot of stress with them as well. Disagreements over how to raise the children or conflicts in parenting styles can turn a marriage into a hostile environment.

Marriage counselors can give suggestions as to how to remedy these disagreements and ways to balance your different parenting styles. A counselor knows that children are your top priority, and he or she will work tirelessly until you and your spouse are better equipped to raise them.


As the popular saying goes, communication is key. When there is a communication breakdown in a relationship, it can be difficult for couples to bounce back. Communication is vital to expressing what is going wrong in a relationship and for voicing gratitude for what is going right.

With the help of a marriage counselor, you can uncover exactly why the communication breakdown happened in the first place as well as create strategies to build your bond so that your relationship can get back to prosperity.

Of course, these are only a few of the reasons why a couple may choose to see a marriage counselor. It is important to remember that no couple fits neatly into the box and each couple has their own set of unique challenges to overcome. Still, if you’re worried about your marriage for whatever reason, a marriage counselor would be a great person to reach out to.

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May 25, 2019

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The Other Types of Injuries

It seems like commercials about medical miracles and accident injuries are obsessed with big, flashy or even gruesome injuries. Sure, a person can receive injuries like head trauma, concussions, or even dismemberment as a result of an accident. But a person can also receive something much simpler: abdominal injuries. That is right: one of the types of injuries least discussed by TV shows and the media is abdominal injuries. There can be serious internal bleeding or other organ damage issues after a car crash or another type of accident.

The worst part about abdominal injuries, though, is just how hard they can be to detect. Perhaps that is why the media does not mention abdominal injuries in procedural TV shows like Law and Order or CSI; they are often invisible to the average eye! It is easier to see the severity of a laceration or bruise. I think we are doing a disservice to people suffering from abdominal injuries. That is why in this article I describe some of the intense abdominal injuries that people can experience as a result of a car accident, especially. I also discuss how to make sure you document your injuries correctly so you can prove your abdominal injuries are as bad as I know them to be.

How are abdominal injuries caused?

This question is, of course, dependent upon your personal situation. According to the Jurewitz Law Group, blunt force to your stomach and torso are common progenitors to abdominal issues. This can be from a fight (avoid violence, for your health!) or a car wreck. Vehicle accidents commonly cause abdominal issues because the momentum of the car places a great amount of force on your internal organs when it comes to a sudden stop (like in a collision) and the steering wheel or other parts of a car hits your stomach.

Airbags are also associated with abdominal injuries. If they are quickly deployed (as working airbags are supposed to do) then they could collide with your stomach in such a way that abdominal injuries are caused. And ss I said, a misplaced punch can also be detrimental to the health of your internal organs!

What are abdominal injuries?

“Abdominal injuries” is a broad term but mostly applies to problems related to your abdominal wall, your blood vessels, and different types of organs (solid organs like your kidneys and hollow organs like your bladder). As a result, the things that can happen to abdominal organs will differ based on the part of the abdomen is implicated in the injury process.

Broadly speaking, though, abdominal injuries are either classified as “bruising” or “penetrating” incidents. These are self-evident labels. But internal bleeding can take place from both penetrating and bruising! Airbags are more likely to cause bruising, but any type of sudden and strong force can also lead to penetration, in which an organ or your abdominal wall can be punctured and ruptured. The pain of this has been described as pretty terrible, so I hope this is not a burden you will ever have to bear!

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Nov 7, 2018

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What you should know about motorcycle accidents

I’ve been ridden a bike for more than twenty years now. There’s nothing I love more than the open road. I’ve been on several cross-country trips, and when you’re on the road that much the thought of getting into a car wreck pops into your head from time to time. I know full well how dangerous a motorcycle can be. That’s why I always drive respectfully and never at excessive speed. I figured that if I ever got into a wreck, the damages on my body would be pretty serious. Almost all motorcycle accidents end up with the motorcyclist injured in some way. Because of that, I figured that a motorcycle accident claim would be somewhat simple in court. If my injuries are plain to see, of course, a jury would rule that I deserve compensation for them. I recently received some great insight from the Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC about my situation as a motorcyclist.

For every safe biker, there’s a biker that drives like he’s the center of the universe. We’ve all seen it. Someone who’s swerving through traffic, speeding, being really inconsiderate of the other cars on the road. These riders, in general, give us all a bad reputation. In the court of law, some of jury members may assume that any injuries I sustained were because of my own negligence. I understand that well enough. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer if you find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident.

When you hire a lawyer, they have the knowledge to explain all the technical stuff about driving a motorcycle. I know all the stuff that they do, it’s just hard for me to explain it to a jury. The attorneys can explain to everyone what it means to drive safely and considerately on a motorcycle. They can also clearly illustrate to everyone how the other driver failed to be responsible and is the one at fault for the wreck.

This is super important for motorcyclists to be aware that they have legal options if they’re hurt in a crash. It’s especially important because motorcycle crashes often cause more expensive and intense injuries than wrecks between two cars. If a motorcyclist collides with another moving car, the motorcyclist is basically guaranteed to be sent flying off the motorcycle. There’s just no way to avoid it. If they’re lucky, they’ll be pushed to the ground where they will likely incur some nasty road burns. If the worst situations, they can be sent flying high into the air. This basically guarantees a life-altering injury. Sometimes motorcyclists can be crushed under their own motorcycle. This can result in amputations and prosthetics. If you find yourself in a situation like this, the medical expenses aren’t going to be cheap. They’ll likely cost about as much as house. This is why hiring a lawyer in this situation is so crucial.

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May 24, 2018

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An Overview of the Cancer Awareness Months

We all know someone in our lives who has been affected by cancer in some way.  The disease is simply awful, but technological advancements are making cancer more treatable.  Part of the reason technological development has been so successful is because of the increased awareness of cancer.  One of the main reason cancer awareness has increased is because of social media. Through the use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, society has been able to get the word out about cancer and how it affects so members of our population on a daily basis.

The following is a breakdown of the Calendar of Cancer Awareness Months that have been made public via social media:

  • January: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
  • February: Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month
  • March: Colorectal, Kidney, and Multiple Myeloma Cancer Awareness Month
  • April: Testicular, Esophageal, and Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month
  • May: Brain, Bladder, and Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month
  • June: National Cancer Survivors Day (first Sunday in June)
  • July: Sarcoma Awareness Week
  • August: N/A
  • September: Prostate, Ovarian, Gynecologic, Thyroid, and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Also, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Leukemia, and Lymphoma Awareness Month
  • October: Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness Month
  • November: Lung, Carcinoid, Pancreatic, and Stomach Cancer Awareness Month
  • December: N/A

Each form of cancer is associated with a ribbon color for that month.  For instance, we all know that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is symbolized by a pink ribbon.

During my research, the month of March stood out to me, particularly Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  I was very interested in this specific type of cancer awareness because I came across a thorough article by GastroCare.

The article explained how colorectal cancer is the second deadliest type of cancer.  Each year, about 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with this type of cancer, and of the 140,000, about 50,000 die each year because of the disease.  Even though this type of cancer is especially harmful, the article emphasized that colorectal cancer is treatable if discovered early.  It expressed that 9 out of 10 people who identify colorectal cancer in its early stages are still alive five years later. An excellent way to detect the disease early on is through a colorectal screening.

Before stumbling across this article, I did not know how deadly colorectal cancer could be.  Of course, I knew that cancer, in general, was deadly, but I never thought to consider this specific type of cancer.

Along the same lines, I did not know that such a deadly disease could be so effectively treated if discovered early.   After this, I thought to myself: “What is a good way to spot colorectal cancer early?”  The article suggested getting screened, which is indeed an effective strategy, but people first must be aware of this type of cancer before they seek screening.  A great way to encourage awareness is through the subject of this blog: having a cancer awareness month.  Thanks to my research, I will never forget that march is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

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Sep 28, 2017

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NFL and TBIs

Football has been America’s most beloved sports for decades. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar organization (62.9 billion to be exact, with most teams being worth around 2 billion). A few NCAA football teams are similarly valuable. Throughout the south, high school football is big enough to almost be a religion in itself. No matter where you go, in any city in America, you’ll find people wearing their favorite athlete’s jerseys, arguing about their team in bars, and eagerly looking forward to the next game. Recently, the game has come under scrutiny as more and more research shows the damage it does to player’s bodies and brains. And the most recent game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears has only added to the conversation.

Davante Adams, a wide receiver for the Packers, was going to catch a pass. He had the ball in his hands and was being brought down in a tackle by one of the Bears’ defenders. But even though he was going down, another man charged in. Danny Trevathan struck Adams’ helmet with his own, knocking out the receiver’s mouthpiece and sending him to the ground. Adams lay motionless for several seconds before showing signs of moving but still had to be carried off of the field on a stretcher. The Packers’ offense argued with the defense for several minutes, almost resulting in a fight, before being separated by the refs and resuming play. Adams’ status is still in the air. But a big hit like this is always a cause for concern.

Brain injuries are a serious problem in the US. According to The Benton Law Firm’s website, around 1.7 million Americas suffer from a TBI every year. And the consequences of the can be devastating. A serious brain injury will have lifelong consequences, affecting everything from coordination to memory to language skills. Repeated TBIs, like those that might be suffered by an athlete in a sport such as football, can lead to even more serious consequences- mood swings, permanently impaired memory, drastic personality changes, and much more. And as a result, public perception of football has been slowly shifting.

So far, there hasn’t been much of an effect on viewership of the sport. But the NFL is still in trouble. Investigations over the past few years revealed that the organization had been conspiring to hide evidence of the damage the sport did to players. And despite taking some steps to try to limit the damage done to players, there’s still much controversy about if they’ve done enough. Take the injury to Adams. Despite what many people are calling a flagrant intentional hit by Trevathan, they have not taken any disciplinary action against them. Many people feel that if the NFL is serious about protecting its players, they need to impose harsher penalties on those responsible for serious injuries. What happens next is unclear. But no matter what, it seems like big changes are in store for the organization.

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